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Student Discount!

Being ex-students ourselves we appreciate that you have to make sacrifices* and that you'll be in ridiculous debt at the end of it all. So, we are giving


10% OFF

ALL new parts & accessories


to all in further education ('A' levellers, undergraduates, post-graduate degrees / Masters / Diplomas, etc.) on presentation of evidence. If you're unsure, ask! Use as many times as you want!


We think that we are the ONLY bike shop in Leeds supporting Students in this way.


In shop only. Excludes existing offer / discounts. Excludes evening classes and the like.


* Even more so now that Tuition Fees have been raised and the EMA has been scrapped.


Everybody Else Discount!

You can still get


10% OFF

ALL new parts & accessories


even if you're NOT a student!

See our ad in the 'Cycle Shops & Repairs' section of the Leeds



and cut out the coupon from the back of the book. More relevant now with the new (and unnecessary) VAT increase.


In shop only. Excludes existing offers/discounts.


We proudly contribute to




We're members of:
ACTSmart Website
('GOLD' membership)

as well as

UK Websaver Website


Federation of Small Businesses Website
(Federation of Small Businesses)


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© Re-Cycle Engineering 2010

3,000+ bicycles repaired in 2010


Re-Cycle Engineering Tools

We have served the cycling community in Leeds and beyond for the last 2 decades.

With probably the
best-equipped workshop in Leeds, we can undertake almost any kind of work

We're not a 'shiny shop' - we're a walk-in workshop concentrating on quality of workmanship.

We're often called the 'Aladdin's Cave' due to the vast amount of parts, accessories and spares.

Re-Cycle Engineering Logo

Now in our 22nd year

95% of our new
customers arrive via
word-of-mouth recommendations.

No silly prices
ending in 99p.

We're the last shop in the north of England which provides reconditioned bikes as a core activity.

Independently-owned and flexible.

Don't take our word for it - pop in and see for yourself!


2 Norwood Mount (rear of 133 Victoria Road),

Headingley, Leeds LS6 1DU
(near to Burley Park Railway Station and Rugby & Cricket grounds)


0113 - 274 5229

Monday to Fridays (inc. Bank Holidays)  -

10am to 6pm

Saturdays  -

10am to 5pm

Sundays  -

Closed (Sorry)



We don't take chickens or eggs.

However, we do accept cash and all major debit and credit cards (small charge for certain cards).

But we don't accept cheques - sorry.


Our location

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You can plan your cycling route to us via this amazing website:

Many thanks to all at OpenStreetMap and Cambridge Cycling Campaign



We're bike mechanics and we know our onions (and chainsets, wheels, etc.).


This website is hand-made and (like us) may not be the the prettiest - we'd rather concentrate on getting on with what we're really here for - "Keeping you on your bike - without the hype".