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  • Re-Cycle Engineering (RCE) is a unique Cyclery Workshop & Bike Shop.

  • Established on 1989, RCE has served the local, regional & national cycling communities for over 30 years (you don't even get that for murder nowadays!).

  • RCE provide adult bicycles of quality (£400+) (both new & pre-loved).

  • RCE also sell parts & accessories (both new & pre-loved) - probably the largest stock in Leeds.

  • Furthermore RCE can provide cyclery:

    • Assessment
    • Estimations
    • Repairs
    • Restorations
    • Adaptations
    • Alterations
    • Tuition
    • Advice
    • Insurance quotations
    • Design
    • Security
    • Works others wont entertain, ...

  • RCE's Technological & Engineering training, knowledge & background gives us a detailed perspective as to your steed's needs.

  • Whilst others may hype the features & benefits of their new products, as hands-on techies with extended experiences, RCE will inform of their medium & long-term outcomes.We-re no-nonsense and not here to showcase the latest-and-greatest.

  • We don't do gimmicks and we don't have silly prices ending in ''99p".

  • We've got over 250,00 bums-back-on-their-saddles - our present minion, "Sid Victim" has spent 4 full-time years in Technology, Mechanical & Production Engineering, been with us for 22 years (or about 40,000 bikes - that's over 36 years of hot dinners eaten). Far more knowledge than any "Cy-Tech course" can offer.

  • We're often the last-port-of-call ("I've tried everywhere else and they can't help me - can you?").

  • Independent - wholly independent. No hidden agendas to 'push' certain products or components.

  • We're not a mega-corporation, nor a large business, nor a small enterprise - we're a micro-biz (the "smallest minority"). If we don't preform, we go bankrupt (so after 3 decades, we're still going strong!).

  • Our attitude is that of "if you love your bike, you'll find us".
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We will be CLOSED:

Sunday, 14th August 2022
Thursday, 18th August 2022

We are a Shimano Service Partner:

This means quite a lot to us. Thanks to Shimano and Madison (UK distributors) for recognising our knowledge.

We are Gold members of The Association of Cycle Traders:

We proudly support Bike Hub:

We also members of The Federation Of Small Businesses:

We Bloody Love Bikes We Do:
Good days

But, occasionally, we're not friends.
Bad days

Our passions include bikes, family, friends & Nature. We also enjoy Music. Here's collection of cyclery-related songs:

A) The Mixtures - Pushbike Song (1970 original Australian video).

and same with your grandparents dancing on Top Of The Pops. Another from French TV 1971. Funnier one.

B) Mungo Jerry's version.

C) Y N RichKids - My Bike (2013).

D) R. Crumb and his Cheap Suit Serenaders - Pedal your Blues Away (1920s).

Doggerel Bank - The Lighthouse Keeper's Bicycle (1975)

F) Pink Floyd - Bike (1967).

2 Norwood Mount
(off Norwood Road,
off Victoria Road)
Burley Park/Headingley/Hyde Park,

Airstrip One
Tel: 0113 - 274 5229

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Monday10:30 - 6:30
Tuesday 10:30 - 6:30
Wednesday 10:30 - 6:30
Thursday X
Friday 10:30 - 6:30
Saturday 10:30 - 4:30
 Bank Holiday Mondays


If we're NOT OPEN when we're meant to be, we're either:
  • dead, or
  • dying, or
  • busy around the back.

RCE's 2022 Recuperations, Recreations and Holidays:
  • Sunday, 14th to Thursday, 18th August 2022.
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  • Every product & process pollutes Our Eden a little bit more!
    Not many businesses will tell you that! Therefore, RCE does not
    routinely replacing parts because they increase our profits. RCE can assess each bike for parts compatibility, wear, adjustment, etc. prior to works. OK, so we lose out - but we sleep sounder each night.

  • Every customer and every bike is unique - each have their individual & particular needs - we try to accommodate.

  • We believe that The Bicycle is greatest means of mechanical transport - of all time!

  • We enjoy our work - not here to be famous or rich - just to be good and to put food on our table.

  • We're so confident of our workmanship. So much so that we can nearly-always provide a 28-day guarantee on our works. Not sure if any other bike workshop states it so clearly. Of course this excludes user-error, abuse, wear, etc. We can't guarantee against buckled wheels and puncture (apart from one set of tyres where you'll never get a puncture).

John Kemp Starley was the bike's father. We strive to be his disciples.

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Decades of knowledge, experience and expertise are a good start. However, together with our facilities & tooling, we can cater for 99% cyclists.

RCE's aim to maximise your:
  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Security and
  • Appropriateness.
We see your bike as groups of interactive systems. For example the components of the transmission system consists of; shifters, cables, front & rear dérailleurs, bottom bracket, chainset, chainrings, chain, freewheel/cassette, hanger, freehub body, rear hub all associated fastenings - if only one of these is not 'right' don't expect that system to work well, for long or at all!

We DON'T 'service' bike - in fact we ain't got a clue what that even means. We've seen others examples of brake cable & pads replaced in a 'brake service' (at £x plus parts) when simple adjustments were really required - all to boost the till. Also, we can't see the point of a (e.g.) 'brake service' if the transmission system worn out. Not good for the biosphere!

Our approach is to visually ASSESS each bike for top-to-bottom, left-to-right and front-to-back. That way, we get to inspect the whole bike, address only those issues which need tackling and you'll have  much more accurate estimate price of getting your steed smiling again.

RCE knows that each bike is unique - they are neither manufactured, nor assembled to our finesse standard (e.g. correctly torqued, lack of anti-seize paste on critical components, poorly adjusted, etc.). Furthermore, the first 100miles of a new bikes, and it's subsequent fine-tuning, is the most-critical  stage of it's life - get any of that wrong and it'll cost more later. Also, consider you and your friend's (same model of) bikes - they will wear differently and require different interventions.

Punctures are done 'Whilst You Wait' (95% of the time).

Don't advertise or tout for customers. Yes we know that it works, however we don't need to - we've already got hundreds of regular & loyal users. We expect new customers to be referred via word-of-mouth recommendations from our existing users.

We're fully aware of the 7 reasons your steed's not at it's best:
  1. User-error and/or
  2. Wear and/or
  3. Damage and/or
  4. Incompatibility and/or
  5. Fitting and/or
  6. Settings and/or
  7. Design.
We'll get you back on your bike, and advise on reducing these niggles.

Tuition: whether you're wanting to change inner tubes or completely maintain/rebuild your bike(s), RCE is probably the only outlet which provided detailed tuition. It's not theoretical - it's hands-on and you will get your hands dirty. You'll get our full attention and It's done at your pace. You will learn techniques and detail you won't find online.
It's not cheap at all (£40/half-hour minimum period, £60/first hour, £50/hour thereafter and £270/6-hour day ()). Although we can operate on a one-to-one basis, we expect you bring a friend, thereby halving the price and having someone else to practice with away from the workshop. May be the cheapest £££s you'll ever spend on your bike. Most participants have 'gifted' this fee from a loved-one.

Donations: Each year we are thankful for all the bikes & components given to us. What we can't use, we sort and re-cycle. In 2019 we gave bikes to local kids. For 2020 we already got 20 children's bikes to over to selected schools in Leeds - no monies will change hands. Thank You all for your consideration and for allowing us to re-use/re-purpose your gifts. Note: We are not a charitable organisation and we cannot collect items.

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Why NOT:

Minimum Fees: RCE will not work for free. We are running a legal business with all it's overhead costs. We charge for EVERYTHING (tyres inflation, saddle adjustments, etc. Note: every techie, in any industry will assume legal liability for intervention on any product. Most other shops have a minimum fee of £6 (one shop in the city centre used to charge £10 plus parts to fit a bottle cage) - RCE starts at £2 for tyre inflation.

We've never claimed to be cheap. Likewise, we've never claimed to be expensive - just appropriate.

We don't lend out tools! But we do sell tools (new and pre-loved).

tolerate the; thieves, morons, abusive, violent, window-shoppers, time-wasters, intoxicated, et al.

Don't replace frame tubing (see Woodrups, Bob Jackson, Ellis Briggs and Chris Marshall for sort of repair). But can do some frame alignments on steel frames.

Don't 'service'
suspension forks and shock-units (see Garage Bikes in Morley).

Don't do social media. No email, no twitter, etc. - too busy sorting bikes.

We're not white! - just so you know. Proudly "shit-skinned" - shades of the Asian sub-continent.

Back Street - yes, really!

Ugly - premises (wipe your feet on the way out).

Ugly - 'boat-races' (teeth like a row of condemned cottages, elephant-eared, more hair on our backsides than on our heads, nose the shape & size of the Matterhorn - quite Quasimodo-like - you can't un-see).

Don't know everything about everything cyclery. Our present minion's only had 45,000 hours learning The Craft.

Just looks at our Gaggle (sic) reviews here. Many haters have we. We're not phased (triggered). Although we can challenge negative reviews with the Big G, being believers of free-speech, we won't. In fact, those -ve comments actually works for us - keeps the riff-raff away. As said before:
we expect new customers to be referred via word-of-mouth recommendations from our existing users.

CCTV, audio, inside & out (just so you know).

Not Yorkshire Folk! Weerr ee-ba-gum, ekee-thump, proper Hot-Top, and proud o'it: LANCASTRIAN!

Customer Attitude determines Customer (don't be an a***hole, and we both might get somewhere).

Storage - Bikes & items not collected withing 10 working days of initial contact will be regarded as "STORED" and charged £5/work day. After a further 10 working days, will the deemed "ABANDONED", repurposed to recompense.

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We keep an occasional blog for; sale stuff (bikes, parts & accessories), wants, sales, give-aways, music, TPIs (Thought-Provoking-Ideas) and what-not. https://rceblog.wordpress.com/.

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Our true owners are our long-standing, regular & loyal customers. It don't matter how brilliant we may be, without them, RCE is NOTHING!

Let's not forget all those who educated and trained us in our endeavours. We been very lucky to have industry-experienced facilitators as our teachers.

Our 20+ suppliers - all UK; importers,
Manufactures, Wholesalers, Local suppliers and Friends. We can buy products cheaper elsewhere, we chose not to! - maintaining British jobs.

Finally, a Thank You goes to our multi-cultural premises providers, without whom we'd be shopless. They are: Mr. M (of Jewish stock) for the workshop and front-of-house, Mr. N (of Pakistani stock) for our secondary storage unit, and Mr. B (of Christian stock) for our tyre dept. & display areas. RCE is the token Hindooooo.

The "WE":
  • Greeters: Miss Anne Thrope & Lucy Fir.
  • Overlords: John E Smith & Mark Peel:
  • Anti-Hero: Mr. J. (only two did not hate him) Temperance,
  • Deliveries and Spam: Theo C. Cupier.
  • Admin & Finance: Happy Harry
  • Cheap Webbie Techie: That bloke we met in the pub.
  • Ain't got darn clue: Fingers Freddie & Diamond Jim.
  • Groupie: Cedar Plank.
  • Best Supporting Actor/ess: R. Totale (17)
  • The Only Bleedin' One Who Bothers to Turn Up and Do Any Real Graft Around Here: Mr. Tobow B. Tudargar - a.k.a Sid Virtual.
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This is RCE's homemade website. Probably 'rough & ready'. Hope it says what it needs to say.
Constructive suggestions on a postcard, usual address.

Last updated: 2022-08-07